Ambazonia infighting: Vice President Yerima considers ways of ending the chaos 0

Adopting a distinctly more cautious line like the Southern Cameroons leader President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Vice President Dabney Yerima said during this week’s Interim Government briefing that he was discussing ways to ending the chaos with regard to the infighting in Ground Zero. But he did not say he would move against armed Ambazonia groups combating the French Cameroun army as demanded by a majority of Southern Cameroonians both at home and in Ground Zero.

Vice President Dabney Yerima, who during the presentation late on Thursday was very weary of being perceived as a weak leader by his people, noted that more consultations were needed on ending the confusion that is reigning presently in Ambaland, in the Ambazonia Interim Government and in the Southern Cameroonian mentality . . . including the chaos in using, distributing and storing weapons by Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces.

Comrade Dabney Yerima made his comments in Geneva, Switzerland where he met members of the Southern Cameroons European think tank.  Vice President Yerima shied away from a Cameroon Concord News question seeking to know why some Ambazonia groups turned down offers to join the Southern Cameroons Interim Government even after the disgraced Samuel Ikome Sako and Chris Anu have all been replaced.

Dabney Yerima told an audience in Geneva that the people of Ambazonia and the Interim Government were all committed to reaching a ceasefire with French Cameroun. But he said this was conditional on international guarantees to ensure that French Cameroun withdraws its troops from Southern Cameroons and stop arming pro Yaounde militias in Ambazonia.

There are growing reports that the infighting may mark the beginning of the end to the Southern Cameroons quest for an independent state as many Ambazonians are losing faith in the struggle.

By Asu Isong in London with additional reporting from Chi Prudence Asong