Chantal Biya says she will return to Cameroon if General Ivo Yenwo, Martin Belinga Eboutou and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh are sacked 13

First Lady, Chantal Biya has reportedly set certain conditions for her return to Cameroon. She has been absent from the country for three months now and all attempts by her husband, President Biya who has been incessantly flashing out signals for her to come to him, Cameroon Concord News has now gathered that the youthful first lady has tabled  a number of requirements to her illustrious husband so she can return to Cameroon.

A source at the presidency of the republic hinted that Chantal Biya fervently believes it is urgent and beneficial to infuse new energy around the elderly statesman. We learnt she has even gone further by suggesting a list of those who have to be giving matching orders among them Martin Belinga Eboutou, Minister Director of the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic. The first lady also asked her husband to sack General Ivo Desancio, Director of presidential security and the current Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

Sama Ernest (Cameroon Concord News Group)