Ambazonia: The state of the revolution 0

Fellow Ambazonians,

I come to you with revolutionary greetings.

For more than two years now, our people have been targeted and killed mercilessly by a vicious and terrorist government in Yaoundé. Latest figures from independent and respected sources state that more than twelve thousand of our people have been murdered. More than two hundred and fifty of our villages have been burned down. There are more than one million internally displaced persons (IDPs). More than one hundred thousand of our people are living as refugees in neighbouring Nigeria and other countries. There are more than three thousand Ambazonians detained in various prisons in La Republique du Cameroun without charge. Their only crime is having the audacity to seek for justice and independence.

In a Press Communication dated the 14th of July 2019, the colonial SDO of Meme, attempted to use old-school bribery and corruption tactics to bribe us. He offered the commercial bike riders of Kumba (Okada Boys) 5000 CFA frs each and five litres of fuel in return for going to work on Monday the 15th of July 2019. In a separate development, Patrick Ekema, the mayor of Buea threatened owners of businesses in Mile seventeen with eviction if they didn’t open their businesses on Mondays. On both occasions, yielding to the bribe or threat would have been against the spirit of our revolution. This would have been against the spirit of ghost town.

Bribery and threats are tactics synonymous with terrorist governments and rogue states. They have done us no good for fifty-eight years. The decision of the businesses in Mile seventeen, Buea and the Okada Boys in Kumba to respect ghost town today, Monday, the 15th of July 2019, is a mark of our determination as a people. It’s a mark of how much our independence means to us. The Interim Government and our leaders in detention are proud of them. Is five thousand frs CFA and five litres of fuel worth the lives that have been brutally cut short by the thugs in Yaoundé? Is five thousand frs CFA and 5 litres of fuel worth living as a slave?

For all the public utterances from La Republique about negotiations, school resumption and a peaceful resolution to this crisis, their actions show the opposite. They have and continue to move military to our territory. Their continuous murdering of unarmed civilians is a testament to their lack of respect for our lives. Are murder and the existence of their army in Ambazonia necessary for peace? Do they think that they must use threats, bribes and murder to force us to give up our legitimate struggle?

The darker the night, the nearer the dawn. At times during this struggle, the temptation to quit and give in is substantial. But let’s not give up. No nation in the history of the planet has gained freedom from its oppressor without human sacrifices. Let’s stand up and resist this terror till the last man standing. They have the superior guns, more money and the threats but we have truth, resolve and God on our side. In 2017, Paul Biya declared war on us. We were pushed to the wall and left with no choice. Our quest for justice and independence is the right thing to do. Our quest for self-determination is non-negotiable. Fellow Ambazonians, history is on our side. This revolution is the major challenge of our generation. Make no mistake; we must rise to this challenge.

In the words of Patrick Henry, let all Ambazonians follow the actions of the market traders in Mile Seventeen, Buea and the bike-riders in Kumba today in saying Give Us Liberty or Give us Death.

God Bless You All
Short Live the Revolution
Long Live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia