Ambazonia Vice President slams French Cameroun’s violation of international law and attempts to impose new Special Status 0

Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima has censured the sinking French Cameroun regime over breaching international treaties and seeking to impose a new fait accompli also known as Special Status on Southern Cameroonians.

The French Cameroun government has for 58 years violated British Southern Cameroons sovereignty, occupying Ambazonia territories and killings its people,” Dabney Yerima said late on Tuesday during an event in Holland that was centered on the nominee for the post of Governor of the Bank of Ambazonia.

The exiled Ambazonia leader then described the French Cameroun regime’s diabolic harsh ploy to impose the so-called Special Status to the people of Southern Cameroons as a violation of international law and a dangerous precedent for the African continent.

Yerima then strongly condemned the French government’s silence on the statements made in Paris recently by the 86 year old French Cameroun head of state, Paul Biya. Biya claimed that German Kamerun was his country that was divided into the British and French trusteeships. The 86 year old leader noted that he has tried to assimilate and dissolve the English 20% into the French 80% but failed and wants to give a special status to the English 20%, but keep them within one country. It is based on this claim to German Kamerun being his country, which the French government of President Emmanuel Macron think, that Paul Biya and French Cameroun have the duty to kill Ambazonians to force them to belong.

US President Donald Trump has ended Cameroon’s preferential trade benefits citing what the Trump administration called the country’s “persistent gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.”

Trump’s decision infuriated French Cameroun political elites, who declared that trade between Yaoundé and Washington was insignificant.

By Chi Prudence Asong in Holland