As UK Parliament Is Told of Biya Abuses No UNSC Meeting: Guterres Silent Censor 0

On September 29 Inner City Press was sent another tweet about Biya’s platform for national dialogue, an account featuring a photos of the grip and grin between Guterres and Biya’s foreign minister. This is the result of Guterres’ sold out diplomacy – a Potemkin Village of fake dialogue accompanied by violence and censorship. Guterres is no better than Biya. At least Biya is officially senile. What is Guterres’ excuse?

Here is a from a report just filed by Oxford Faculty of Law with the UK Parliament – as the UK as president of the UN Security Council for November has not even set up a meeting on Cameroon: “Cameroonian security forces, in particular, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), have engaged in a systematic campaign of terror against anglophone communities. The most prominent example of this is the tactic of targeted property destruction in which security forces have reportedly burned down hundreds of structures such as homes, businesses and local government buildings.

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, based in Cameroon, has published a report alleging that since the conflict began, 106 towns and villages in the anglophone regions have been targeted with arson attacks and have had their inhabitants either partially or fully flee the area… The Cameroonian authorities have consistently engaged in the violation of the rights to freedoms of speech, expression and assembly, particularly when it concerns criticism of the government and is directed against the President.

The crisis has deepened a preexisting culture of censorship, with several NGOs that represent the interests of journalists arguing that authorities have instigated a climate of fear that has led to reporters self-censoring to avoid persecution.95 Moreover, the U.S. State Department’s report on the situation in Cameroon noted that several journalists had been arrested by police for investigating human rights abuses within the anglophone areas.96 70. In relation to freedom of assembly, the Government has been noted for its heavy-handed response to peaceful protests, often deploying armed security forces that have resulted in violent clashes where protesters have been shot at by security forces, and mass arbitrary arrests are common.” And Guterres? He’s on board, and himself engaged in censorship inside the UN.

Now Guterres has again gone missing on public money for days before being set to reappear in Paris for a FrancAfrique conference featuring none other than Paul Biya, photographed on a red carpet leaving Yaounde. Golden statue III? We will await the read outs of Guterres’ censoring spokesman Stephane “French Whine” Dujarric.

Culled from Inner City Press