Biya Francophone regime dispatches new military convoy to Southern Cameroons 0

Yaoundé has reportedly brought in a new column of military forces including troops from neighboring Equatorial Guinea to be deployed in Southern Cameroons, only days after President Biya announced in a New Year speech his intention to crush the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

Our chief correspondent in the Douala metropolis reported that the Francophone soldiers entered the Northern Zone through Mbouda and in the Southern Zone via Dschang, and consisted of military vehicles as well as trucks carrying logistics.

On Tuesday the 31st of December, Biya said Cameroon government army soldiers were ready to wipe out the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces.

The Biya Francophone regime is taking advantage of the noise, toxicity, scamming, blackmail, hate and smears that are all making room for many weak minded Southern Cameroonians to be victims to French Cameroun temptations as they see hopelessness and uncertainty in and within the revolution.

Three weeks ago, Cameroon Intelligence Report, citing local sources, reported that a French Cameroun military convoy had entered the Lebialem County.

By Sama Ernest