Vice President Yerima’s statement on the burning of taxis in Ambazonia 0

The recent incidents of taxis being burned on our streets are deeply troubling. Taxis represent not just a mode of transportation but a vital source of livelihood for many in our communities in Ambazonia. These acts of destruction do not advance the cause of liberation or justice; instead, they harm the very people we seek to uplift and support. The very people we are fighting to liberate from black-on-black colonialism, invasion, looting of our natural resources, rape, torture and crimes against humanity committed by Paul Biya, his government and the military of French Cameroun.

As stakeholders in the revolution, we must desist from, and be accountable to attitudes and actions that ignite and cause more harm and add grave pains to our already suffering masses on the ground. The unfortunate and insipid attitudes and actions towards our own taxi drivers have resulted in the burning of taxis and other forms of destructions, with negative ramifications on the core ideals that inspired us to rise up as a people and defend ourselves against an oppressive and repugnant French Cameroun regime.

Our fight for the liberation of our country must be rooted in principles of dignity, respect, and unity. Violence and the destruction of property belonging to those whom we claim are our own, only serve to divide us and undermine our collective efforts. The burning of taxis is a direct attack on the hardworking individuals who rely on these vehicles to support their families and contribute to our economy.

We condemn these heinous acts in the strongest possible terms. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Ambazonians, and we will not tolerate any form of violence or intimidation against our own people. These criminal gangs seek to create fear and chaos, but we stand united in our resolve to fight back and redirect our focus of the revolution against the principal enemy, French Cameroun.

We call on all members of our communities on ground zero to channel their frustrations and energies into constructive actions that build, rather than destroy. Let us engage in peaceful dialogue amongst us, especially those on the ground that are affected the most; organized advocacy, and community-driven initiatives that reflect our shared values and aspirations for a better future for us and generations to come.

Our path to liberation requires resilience, solidarity, and a commitment to non-violence against our already suffering and impoverished masses. Let us stand together, protect our sources of livelihood, and work towards meaningful change that benefits all our people. We stand with our people on ground Zero and we will continue to work hard to defend our interests and aspirations of a free and prosperous homeland. God bless Ambazonia.

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia