Southern Cameroons Communications Secretary says Ambazonia oil wells still occupied by French Cameroun after 58 years 0

Southern Cameroons Communications Secretary, Comrade Milton Taka says the French Cameroun government has for 58 years been occupying the Ambazonia’s oil fields in the Bakassi Peninsular and looting its resources as the international community remains silent on French Cameroun’s act of theft.

In this week’s briefing by the Ambazonia Interim Government, Milton Taka told a cream of newsmen in South Africa that French Cameroun continues to occupy Southern Cameroons oil fields in the Ndian County and has been plundering Ambazonia’ revenues in the shadow of a deliberate silence from the Commonwealth, Francophonie and the African Union including the UN Security Council.

The Ambazonia Communications Secretary said the French Cameroun war against the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has targeted Southern Cameroons civilian population in a bid to stifle support for the Interim Government and by extrapolation, support for the quest for an independent state of Southern Cameroons.

 Milton Taka noted that the Southern Cameroons war will end when French Cameroun withdraws all its army of occupation from Ambazonia and stop support for pro Yaoundé armed militias.

The Southern Cameroons Communications Chief further accused French Cameroun of occupying Ambazonia towns and cities, killing civilains, displacing tens of thousands of Ambazonians and deploying French speaking soldiers throughout Southern Cameroons territory.

Recently, US President Donald Trump announced that La Republique du Cameroun will no longer benefit from a long standing trade agreement with the United States.

By Chi Prudence Asong