Trump Administration has decided to overthrow President Biya 0

US President Donald Trump after very intensive and productive discussions with officials at the US State Department has decided to oust President Paul Biya from power, Cameroon Intelligence Report has learned.  Our contacts deep within the African Desk at the US State Department revealed that the White House will be ordering the CIA, the Pentagon and other agencies to devise a combination of economic, diplomatic and covert steps to achieve that goal.

We understand the Trump administration is not planning any military strike, but top officials at the US State Department have told President Trump that the 86 year old Cameroonian dictator is now a threat to the security of the Gulf of Guinea and must be removed, even if France refuses to consent to the mission.

A US military official serving with the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) was heard murmuring privately that it is no longer an argument about whether to get rid of Biya. That discussion is over. The White House decision is expected to launch the Trump Campaign on a course that will help secure the African America votes in the 2020 presidential elections.

People in the know have opined that any US led campaign against the Biya regime would be very swift and virtually free of casualties. Nevertheless, experts in the CEMAC region who are monitoring the deteriorating situation in Cameroon have all expressed the feeling that by jolting its military cooperation with Yaoundé and pushing the Germans to do same, a decision has already been made to force Biya out of office and what is remaining now is the how and when.

President Trump reportedly has not been too enthusiastic as he is now focused on former U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is testifying to Congress today Wednesday at a pair of televised hearings that carry high stakes for President Donald Trump and Democrats who are split between impeaching him or concentrating on the 2020 election.

Mueller, whose inquiry detailed extensive contacts between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia at a time when Moscow was interfering in the 2016 election with hacking and propaganda, is set to appear beginning at 8:30 a.m. (1230 GMT) in separate hearings before the House of Representatives Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany