10 Million Cameroonians lived on less than $1.80 per day 0

The 5th Cameroonian Household Survey (ECam5), published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on April 24, revealed that nearly two in five Cameroonians live below the national poverty line, estimated at CFA813 ($1.42) per day and person. The INS report states that “with this threshold, about 10 million people live in poverty in 2022, for a total population estimated at around 27 million inhabitants.”

The INS attributes this situation to several factors, including insufficient economic growth, distortions in wealth distribution, and various endogenous and exogenous shocks related to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and fluctuations in global commodity and export prices. The report also notes that, as has been the case for years, poverty is more prevalent in rural areas, with a 56.3% incidence, compared to 21.6% in urban areas. “The regions of the Far North, North-West, North, Adamawa, and East are the poorest, with poverty levels above the national average. Consumption inequality remains high, as the wealthiest 20% of households have a consumption 10 times higher than the poorest 20%,” the report states.

Most of the regions considered poorer in Cameroon face security challenges. These include the Far North, where the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram is active; the North-West, where separatist demands have intensified in recent years; the Adamawa region, which faces kidnappings targeting mainly herders and traders; and the East, which borders the Central African Republic and suffers from the actions of armed militias from that country that roam the border with Cameroon.

Source: Business in Cameroon