2 killed and several wounded in a Boko Haram suicide bombing in the Far North region 0

Two people including the suicide bomber and an eight-year-old child were killed on Wednesday after a suicide bombing in the locality of Wouro Dole, near Amchide, Kolofata district, Mayo-Sava department in the Far North region.

According to our security source, the suicide bombing that is attributed to Boko Haram took place in the afternoon on Wednesday in Wouro Dole, a Cameroonian border town with Nigeria.

The suicide bomber whose identity was not revealed was reported to be about 13 years old. He died after having activated his device. The deflagration resulted in the death of a child of approximately 8 years.

The security forces deployed in the area announced earlier today that several people were wounded, including two girls of about 10 and 11 years. The injured were quickly taken over by the military medical staff, before being transported to Amchide hospital for first aid.

By Sama Ernest