2016 Cup of Cameroon: Apejes of Mfou the odd man in!! 0

Apejes of Mfou and Bamboutous of Mbouda are the two teams to be battling for the highly contested trophy of the 2016 Cup of Cameroon. Bamboutous of Mbouda over shadowed Coton Sport of Garoua with a 0-1 aggregate and Apejes of Mfou got their qualification ticket after thrashing Sporting of Douala 4-2. For Bamboutous of Mbouda it a fifty year old affair since they were created in 1966.

The Mangwa boys have managed to make strides at the UNIFAC Cup and the CAF Confederation cup in 2015 but have never reached the qualification stage at the Cup of Cameroon. Though both teams are still to complete their unfinished affair at the Division 1 football championship, the contestants have high hopes of caressing the trophy this year. Apejes of Mfou just needed time to start going places after starting off as a Football Academy in 2006. Apejes later upgraded to Division 2 status and after three years became a Division 1 team.

It was a difficult journey for Baboutous of Mbouda as they thrashed Coton Sport of Garoua in 1-0 defeat while Apejes had it in an easy way beating an unpopular Sporting of Douala, 4-2. Bamboutos finished thirteen in the last Division 1 football championship two points behind Apejes on position eleven with 43 points.

Both teams will be fighting for the fame and the money but it is worth noting that Mangwa boys have longevity and boisterous support to their sleeves. Apejes has zeal and new found motivation probably a reason for them to fight hard when the time comes.