2021 is a CPDM year of loss. Here are some of the well-known figures who are gone 0

2021 is a year defined by the devastating coronavirus pandemic; La Republique du Cameroun is losing iconic defenders of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate who helped guaranteed President Biya’s continued stay in power.

Many of their names hold a prominent place in the collective consciousness — Edmond Félix Etoundi, Garga Alim Hayatou, Monkam Pascal, Essomba Pierre,  Martin Aristide Okouda— but Covid-19 restrictions is not limiting the CPDM public’s ability to mourn their loss in a year that is witnessing close to a thousand deaths from the coronavirus.

Cardinal Tumi a strong advocate for social justice who always dedicated great passion and commitment to the people of his diocese passed away on April 3. As we write, there has not been any reaction from the presidency of the republic.

But God is saying something as the Biya regime continues to say goodbye to many of its disciples. A cream of CPDM political and economic figures have died this 2021.

Some of the 2021 deaths struck down relatively barons of the corrupt regime in Yaoundé, leaving Cameroonians with some kind of schadenfreude feeling.

Here is a roll call of some influential CPDM figures that died recently (cause of death not cited as Covid-19 like HIV is a stigma in La Republique du Cameroun:

Edmond Félix Etoundi was the Chief Executive Officer of Finexs S.A., one of the largest intercity transport companies in Cameroon. He leaves behind a rich CPDM heritage that reveals a fantastic Biya regime success story of a self-made man.

Garga Alim Hayatou, Secretary of State to the Minister of Public Health responsible for the fight against Epidemics and Pandemics and Lamido of Garoua was brought down by the coronavirus.

Monkam Pascal, an industrialist, a businessman. He had a special attachment to the Biya regime and the Cameroon’s corrupt institutions.

Martin Aristide Okouda, the former Minister of Public Works, died on Friday 9 April 2021 following an illness in Paris, France. Aged 70

Chief Mukete, former traditional ruler of the Bafaws reportedly died from an unknown illness

Gervais Mendo Ze, Former cabinet minister and general manager of the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) died after he was released from the Kondengui Maximum Security Prison.

Princess Rabiatou Mamboune Njoya, sister of the Sultan of Bamoun, Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, died on 9 April 2021,

Gargoum Adoum Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Alim Boukaro Business tycoon

Essomba Pierre, Secretary General at the Ministry of Territorial Administration

By Isong Asu in London