2025 Presidential Election: The pressure is on! 0

As 2025 approaches, Cameroonians are worried about their future. Cameroonians are going through tough times, especially as cost of living is rising at the speed of lightning while salaries have remained the same for decades.

Cameroonians would have loved to see a change in their lives but there is no such thing in the offing. Life will continue to be challenging for a long time except the government employs different policy options to trigger meaningful economic change.

But this does not seem to be possible as the ruling party (CPDM) and the government is more focused on winning the next presidential election than engineering new economic strategies which might trigger prosperity across the country.

As the government keeps maneuvering to stay in power, Cameroonians are also scheming on how to push the country’s long-serving president, Paul Biya, out of power through democratic means and this has resulted in calls for young Cameroonians to go get registered for the next presidential election.

Young Cameroonians have been heading to the various registration centers and it is clear that they want their voices to be heard. The Senegalese example where a 44-year-old man was voted into office has given young Cameroonians renewed hope.

Cameroonians are peace-loving people and they hold that genuine democratic change will help them consolidate the peace in their country. They really want change but not violent change as violent change might only make things worse.

Speaking to Yannich, a 25-year-old unemployed Douala resident, it could be seen that he was full of hope and Yannich’s feelings seem to tie in well with those of other young men, most of whom are unemployed, that Cameroon needs change, especially at the top of the government.

“We need change in our country. As you can see, our country has been ruled for over 40 years by the same people and I think after such a long period in power, it is hard to be innovative,” he said.

He added that “though we are hungry for change, I would like to urge Cameroonians to seek peaceful change through the ballot boxes. We must act responsibly in order not to destroy our country.”

“Our current president is over 90 and it is obvious that he will not be standing for reelection. We need a much younger president to take the country in an entirely new direction. The current crop of politicians has done its best. The next leaders will have to build on the foundation Mr. Biya and his collaborators have built,” he added.

“Allow me  to use this medium to urge Cameroonians to go get registered for the 2025 Presidential Election. Next year’s election may change the country’s fortune as a new leader might bring in a different perspective and he might take the country down a new path. I am looking forward to 2025. I am hopeful and I think we should vote to change the destiny of our country,” he concluded.

By Alain A. Ebot