3 deadly fire accidents recorded in East Cameroun 0

Three separate fire incidents in 24 hours have caused untold suffering to victims in East Cameroun. In Djeleng 5, a locality in Bafoussam, four persons were killed in fire outbreak which occurred Tuesday night around 11 PM. Security sources say a lady called Beatrice who works in a local financial institution and her three kids perished in the inferno leaving the entire population in total pandemonium. Neighbors recounted how they heard loud noises from the apartment of the victims but were helpless as the wild flames became unbearable to control even with the intervention of the Baffoussam fire fighters.

In a similar development, this time around in New Bell Douala 2 municipality, a family was rendered homeless following a fire outbreak that shattered the area on Tuesday afternoon at about 1pm. The fire reportedly ravaged a small house constructed with planks and according to the owner, the sum of 300 thousands FCFA was consumed by the flames. Other valuable items also vanished in the inferno. Locals suspect a short circuit may have cause the accident. Late on Wednesday March 1, 2017 another fire incident reduced to ground level a house in Bepanda entrée Lycee in Douala 5 municipality.

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