$335m Covid-19 fund investigation: French Cameroun prosecutors question PM Ngute for three hours 0

Prime Minister Dion Ngute was questioned by Francophone prosecutors recently about Cameroon’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and the alleged disappearance of the country’s coronavirus relief fund.

The prosecutors are reportedly looking into how about $335 million of Cameroon’s coronavirus relief fund has gone missing.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that Prime Minister Dion Ngute, who was questioned as a witness for three hours in his residence in Yaoundé is not under any criminal investigation.

Equipment for the coronavirus pandemic in the country has also gone missing. Reports say some seven government ministers have so far been called to answer questions before an auditing panel over the matter.

Accordingly, the funds that had been allocated to ministries went missing along with the personal protective equipment donated to Cameroon by the Chinese mega-investor Jack Ma to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

As a result, the 88-year-old President Paul Biya, ordered the investigation. But reports say Cameroonians are doubtful that the investigation will lead to any meaningful outcome.

A source at the Ministry of Public Health hinted this reporter that the money was used to pay accrued salaries owed the military.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé