Pan-African Parliament: MPs hold political discourse on terrorism 0

Secretaries from more than half of African national assemblies have met in South Africa for their annual conference. The elected representatives are to discuss the benefits of ratifying African Union treaties notably the new protocol of the Pan-African Parliament.

Earlier, members of the committee on cooperation, international relations and conflict resolutions of the Pan-African Parliament were urged to improve the continent’s response to terrorism by making it a national priority.

Professors Magloire Ondoua and Vincent Ntuda Ebode from Cameroon were guest-speakers at both events.
The Pan African parliamentarians expressed outrage at repeated armed attacks on some of their colleagues. The MPs staged a protest against the violence.

The two Cameroonian Professors, Joseph Vincent Ntouda Ebode and Magloire Ondoa educated parlementarians, Secretary Generals and Presidents of parliaments of the continent on the challenges to be surmounted in the fight against terrorism. The discourse on terrorism was in view of the full activation of the legislative powers of the continental parliament.