419: Cameroon, Philippine teachers arrested for Thai mask fraud 0

Two language teachers, from Philippines and Cameroon, have been arrested in Thailand for alleged involvement in a face mask fraud that cost investors about 27 million baht, the Bangkok Post reports.

Pol Maj Gen Jirapop Puridet, commander of the Crime Suppression Division, said last week, Filipino Tanko Romo Jr, 27, was arrested in Kantharawichai district of Maha Sarakham, and Cameroonian Asaka Mbah, 38, in Nong Nakham district of Khon Kaen, both on Tuesday.

The two suspects are allegedly part of a gang that claimed in March to be a large manufacturer of surgical masks.

The fraudsters created a fake website with a company name and logo and false procurement and transport documents. They offered surgical masks for sale in large amounts. They attracted purchases worth 27 million baht, which buyers transferred to the gang’s bank accounts.

During the investigation, detectives managed to warn off one victim who was just about to make payment for an order, Pol Maj Gen Jirapop said.

The two suspects were working as language teachers. Police targetted them after the earlier arrest of a Thai woman who was also part of the fraud, he said.

Source: The Standard.com.hk