Advisory Against 20th May Celebration throughout the territory of Ambazonia 0


May 19, 2018

The Ambazonia Self-Defence Council (ASC) advises against 20th May celebration and travel to the following zones of Ambazonia territory: Northern Zone and Southern Zone.

The ASC advises against all activities of 20th May celebration and travel to the following specific counties of Ambazonia:

Northern Zone: Boyo; Bui; Donga Mantung; Menchum; Mezam; Momo; Ngoketunjia.

Southern Zone: Bakassi; Fako; Kupe Muanenguba; Lebialem; Manyu; Meme; Ndian.

The ASC advises against all activities of 20th May celebration and travel to all cities, towns, and villages of the following specific chief towns of Local Government Areas within all the counties of Ambazonia:

Northern Zone: Andeck; Bali; Benakuma; Fonfuka; Furu-Awa; Funding; Mbengwi; Ndop; Njinikom; Njikwa; Nkambe; Nkor; Nkum; Santa; Tubah; Zhoa; Babessi; Ndu; Kumbo; Belo; Bafut; Widikum; Wum; Ako; Misaje; Elak; Jakiri; Nwa; Balikumbat; Batibo; Mbiame.

Southern Zone: Archibong; Akwaya; Alou; Bamusso; Buea; Bangem; Dikome Balue; Ekondo Titi; Eyumojock; Idabato; Idenau; Isangele; Kombo Abedimo; Kombo Itindi; Konye; Mamfe; Mbonge; Menji; Mudemba; Muyuka; Nguti; Tiko; Tinto; Toko; Tombel; Wabane.

On 30thNovember 2017, President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun imposed a war on the territory of Ambazonia, its people, and property. President Biya’s appointed Governors, Senior Divisional Officers, and District Officers have imposed a state of emergency in some cities, towns and districts indefinitely effective 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily. The appointed administrators have also ordered citizens and resident to vacate their communities.

More than 5000-armed security and paramilitary forces from La Republique du Cameroun’s regular army have been deployed to Ambazonia by the government of President Biya. In view of media reports of summary execution of hundreds of unarmed civilians, razed to ashes of scores of homes in at least 73 villages, roasted to death of dozens of disabled parents in their homes, hundreds of abductions-for-ransoms, and dozens of cases of raped girls and mothers; Ambazonians and foreigners are advised to remain indoors and safe starting Saturday morning, 19 May 2018 to Monday monring, 21 May 2018 until the situation stabilises.

Soldiers of La Republic du Camerooun’s regular army especially the Rapid Intervention Battalion (Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide, BIR) and armed police from police’s special rapid intervention units known as “Equipes spéciales d’intervention rapide” (ESIR) are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Ambazonia. Specific methods of attack are evolving and increasing in sophistication.


  • On 13 May 2018, BIR soldiers arrested Chief Arrey Franklin of Mbenyan village and dozens of youths at daytime on their way to a funeral in Eyumojock town, Manyu county, Southern Zone. They were all gruesomely tortured and Chief Arrey Franklin died of bleeding while the whereabout and life of the youths remains uncertain.
  • On 17 May 2018, dozens of BIR soldiers and ESIR police invaded Bali Nyonga village, break into homes of civilians, shot and killed several unarmed civilians including a community-respected father and professional public transport driver commonly known as Mr. Kantona and his elder brother, a cultural musician, known as Mr. Chasii. Kantona and Chasii were removed from their homes and shot dead at close range in front of their wives, children, and neigbours by, a strategy to terrorize Ambazonians.
  • On 18 May 2018, BIR soldiers shot and killed several unarmed civilians including Mr. Bawack Samuel and Mrs. Ashu Precilia (wife of Ashu Polycarp) in Etoko mile 22 village, Mamfe, Manyu county. Similarly, Samuel and Precilia were shot at close range in front of their children and family members, a strategy to terrorize Ambazonians.

All persons, be Ambazonians or foreigners, are subject to regular threats and terror activities by the soldiers and armed security forces of La Republique du Cameroun. Make sure you stay away from 20th May celebration and related activities as a precautionary security measure.

You should follow the instructions of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. There is a high threat of kidnapping throughout Ambazonia by soldiers and armed security officers of La Republique du Cameroun in coordination with local administrators.

Foreigners – resident or visiting or working – in Ambazonia especially citizens of French Cameroun and Nigeria and Western Countries are very likely to be publicly and brutally killed by soldiers and armed security officers of La Republique du Cameroun with the ultimate purpose to blame the incidents and killings on Ambazonia restoration forces.

The level of self-defence assistance the ASC-Restoration Forces can provide to citizens, residents, and travelers as well as their property in Ambazonia is extremely limited.

You can email the Ambazonia Self-Defence Council to share or inquire more information at

Nso Obi Foncha