Africa needs a few Donald TRUMPs 0

The USA presidential elections are less than 24 hours away. Unfortunately, I don’t have a vote. Otherwise, Trump could count on my vote 100%.

As an African, you might be wondering why I am pro-Trump. That is exactly the stereotype that drives me towards Trump. Yes, I am Black, but I would rather be voting for Trump.

I strongly believe that Africa would be a much better place today, if it had such leaders as Trump. Why is that?

1. Trump is not a career politician. I am more interested in results than political correctness. In any case, political ideologies and practices in Africa today are still essentially “copy and paste” from the colonial masters; and that is one of the major problems facing Africa today.

2. Trump is already a successful businessman. He does not need the presidency for daily subsistence. Most African leaders get into politics, not to serve, but primarily as a means to make a living. Consequently, they easily succumb to financial improprieties.

3. Trump puts America first. I really wished that the African leaders put Africa first. They appear to put their pockets and the interest of their colonial masters and mentors first.

4. Trump stands for small government. I am sick and tired of Africans looking up to the government for everything, and the leaders continuing to give the impression that citizens livelihoods are at their mercy. Most of the developed world was built by the private sector, with the governments only providing the enabling environment. For example, most of the UK’s vital public services (water, electricity, telecoms, railways) only became state corporations through a process of nationalization from private ownership after the 2nd world war. These companies have since been privatized, a sign that the government is not such a good manager.

5. Trump has strong self-belief and stays the course. The leaders closest to Trump that Africa has had, irrespective of ideology include Kwame Krumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Patrice Lumumba of Congo DRC, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and now Paul Kagame of Rwanda. Most of today’s leaders have no ideology, and are only interested in gaining and keeping power, at all cost.

6. Trump has a great family. Success is contagious. No unsuccessful leader can raise such very successful children. This competency inevitably translates into success for business, careers and country.

7. Trump embodies the “Power of One”, a phrase I borrowed from Cameroonian writer Patrice Nganang. History, innovation, and significant milestones are often initiated and led by ONE person, be it sports, entertainment, innovation etc. Trump is a true leader and we need such leaders in Africa.

8. Trump brings contradiction and innovation. Some may call it division, but I am tired of the African talk of unity as a pre-requisite for all human progress. No, No. Unity in Africa means that people should FOLLOW whoever is in a position of leadership without question. The physically strong quickly fight themselves into positions of power and preach unity as a tool to keep power. If anything, Africa needs more division (diversity) than unity (conformity) within a level playing field.

Win or lose on November 3rd, 2020, Trump is my hero. I wished we had a few TRUMPs in Africa today. But I have no doubt that the African Trumps will emerge.

I would appreciate your constructive comments. And if you think this article makes interesting reading, please share.

Gene Worifah

Nov 2, 2020