After 34 years of crime, cruelty and corruption, Biya regime only wants Mebara’s blood 0

The Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara legal battle is still alive and active before the Supreme Court of Cameroon. The former secretary-general at the presidency of the republic filed appeals against two of his three convictions for embezzlement of public funds.

The famous “Albatros” case has not yet been scheduled. However, the “Cameroon Airlines” case was the subject of a hearing on June 13th, 2017.

In their pleadings, the defendants’ lawyers requested the annulment of the sentence imposed by the Special Criminal Court in 2013, based on eight grounds … which the Court’s rapporteur immediately moved for a rejection. However, the prosecution ruled in favor of a cessation.

In its decision on the 27th of June, the Court could confirm the sentence (twenty years’ imprisonment), reduce it, or aggravate it. Whatever the verdict, the former Biya acolyte, Jean Atangana Mebara will always face two other convictions, of twenty-five and fifteen years’ imprisonment, in two parts of the “Albatros” case. He has been held in the central prison in Yaoundé since 6 August 2008.

By Sonne Peter
Cameroon Concord News