After Bebe Manga: MAXI MANORH delivered to the world once again 0

Last week our senior correspondent in Buea went to her first ever live gig, Maxi Manorh. She reported to our editorial desk that after the late Bebe Manga, if someone gives awesome delivery, it’s Maxi Manorh. Arguably, Maxi Manorh is presently the greatest entertainer English speaking Cameroon has ever known.

Maxi Manorh is just awesome and funny too. The atmosphere in Buea was great with hundreds singing along and cheering as loud as they can. The nation really loves him and it’s mutual” our chief reporter in Buea, Rita Akana said.

Maxi Manorh was very surprised that non Manyus including French speaking Cameroonians knew the words to ‘peti peti and nchenti’ which are his popular songs. People at the Buea event dressed like Bantus and Semi Bantus and Maxi Manorh was really impressed about that.

Some of his songs were played and he paid tribute to Bebe Manga, Etub Anyang and Francis Ndom. “It’s an amazing feeling hearing people singing along and the sea of lights from mobile phones in the audienceMaxi Manorh was quoted as saying after the concert.

Maxi Manorh has a great way of connecting with the audience. Flirting if you like! Maybe that’s one of the reasons girls want to get close to the stage. It’s was absolutely brilliant.

“Nchemti was a perfect ending. This experience I’ll treasure the rest of my life. If I had the money I would go and see more of his concert” Our chief correspondent furthered. “Even though I had to stand up almost the whole concert, it was all worth it. Who could sit still anyway?”

Born Agbor Osang Divine Enow, Maxy-Manorh is the 5th of 9 children whose career started in 2010 when he performed in almost every event and in big snack bars in Limbe , Buea and Douala and served as backup artist for big names like Salatiel and Mr Leo. He released his first album entitled ‘Hustle‘in 2016 with one of the songs paying tribute to the legendary Bebe Manga.

Maxi Manorh has agreed to speak to Cameroon Concord News Group. Stay with us and be the first to know!

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow