Agbor Clarisse Death: Studying in Ghana can be deadly 0

When Agbor Clarisse Enoetie left her University hostel in Kumasi to Accra to attend a music concert, her mates knew it was business as usual. She reportedly disappeared on her way back to Kumasi.

Her family in Cameroon placed their faith in the Ghanaian police to find her. An investigation was opened and later it became a recovery mission!

It is extremely difficult to describe the pain Clarisse Enoetie’s family is suffering after the ex-Saker Baptist College jewel was murdered four academic years after arriving in Ghana to study medicine.

Students like Agbor Clarisse and her family aren’t being properly informed on the potential dangers they face before setting out on what should be life-enhancing journeys.

Clarisse Enoetie is known to always make good decisions! The trip to Accra wasn’t her’s! To be more accurate, it was unlike her.

Cameroon Concord News Group gathered that in Ghana, foreign students are regularly being targeted, drugged, kidnapped, killed, raped, taken to unsafe places, placed in unsafe homes, and placed in unsafe vehicles on unsafe roads.

We of the Concord Group have also discovered that there is no Cameroon government agency, credentialing organization, or institution attached to the Ministry of Higher Education that keeps track of deaths or injuries during study abroad.

With the number of Cameroonian students studying abroad growing every year, safeguards are now essential.

Cameroonian students are new to travel particularly to other African countries and they need to know that it’s a different world out there.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai