Age fraud scandal rocks FECAFOOT as 62 players suspended 0

The Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has suspended 62 players, including the once-heralded 17-year-old AFCON 2023 sensation Nathan Douala.

These players are provisionally declared ineligible for league play-offs (MTN Elite One) due to allegations of age fraud.

The shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through African football, casting doubts on the integrity of youth setups and player eligibility.

FECAFOOT’s investigation uncovered a staggering age manipulation scheme, with players found to have falsified their ages, some spanning over a decade. Among the high-profile figures implicated is midfielder Nathan Douala, who gained prominence representing Cameroon at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2023, where he was listed as 17 years old.

However, FECAFOOT’s probe has exposed discrepancies in Douala’s age, leading to his suspension for providing false information under the charge of “double identity.”

FECAFOOT issued a statement, highlighting the suspension of the players and expressing concerns about the concealment of their actual ages.

Nathan Douala finds himself under scrutiny as the scandal surrounding age fraud during AFCON 2023 raises questions about his credibility and eligibility on the international stage.

The repercussions of the age manipulation scandal extend beyond Douala, impacting discussions on social media about the widespread prevalence of such practices within football youth systems across the continent.