All About Dr Michael Bisong’s Book I need access to my children 0

A US publishing house has released a book I NEED ACCESS TO MY CHILDREN: A father’s guide to regaining access to his children after a separation.

The book is described as a frank and thoughtful key to understanding how dads can get access to their kids after a divorce.

Born in Cameroon, Dr Michael Bisong a former football player and Indomitable Lions of Cameroon hero is also the CEO of Bisong Foundation.

Here’s the full synopsis from the publishers:

Help! I need access to my children

Did you know that according to the National Center for Fathering, about 24.7million children (33%) live in the absence of their biological father? This is challenging for many fathers, as building a family is the most fulfilling experience for most men. It is almost impossible for a man to think of what happens if they denied him access to his children.

For most men, accessing their children after a separation is often a challenge. This often leads to desperation that may even aggravate situations. Across the world today, many men are on the verge of losing access to their children because of one reason or the other. I have been there, and I was also opportune to regain access to my children.

The strategies shared in this book have helped many other fathers regain access to their children after a separation. It gives a step-by-step guide that will help you do the right thing and provide adequate support to your child throughout their development.

Don’t waste another moment of investing your money and effort in the wrong direction. The solution you need is in this book.