Amba fighters attack North West governor’s convoy (Video) 0

At least five people were reportedly killed in the North West on Friday by a roadside bomb explosion that targeted a convoy belonging to the region’s governor Lele Afrique.

A video sent to our chief correspondent in Bamenda detailing the attack and attached to this report did not provide any information on the death toll. But a security source in the governor’s office revealed that the bomb destroyed a vehicle in the governor’s convoy killing three soldiers and two civilians.

Our source also hinted that the governor and other senior members of his delegation escaped uninjured, but it was the second time he had been attacked by Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups ever since the crisis started four years ago.

Four years ago, the country’s president, Paul Biya, erroneously declared war on the country’s English-speaking minority which was simply demonstrating to bring its sorry plight to the attention of the government and the international community and what Mr. Biya and his collaborators thought would be wrapped up in a week has now lasted four years with more than 7,000 young Cameroonians already sent to an early grave in a war that has no raison d’etre.

As the government and militia have transformed the country into an open air killing field, the country’s economy has taken a nosedive, with millions of Cameroonians seeking employment and thousands losing their jobs in the country’s two English-speaking regions where the killings are going on unabated.

The number of internally displaced person has continued to swell, while millions have fled to neighboring Nigeria where they are living rough and waiting for the fighting to end for them to return to their country, though their homes have been razed by government soldiers who are wont to inflicting collective punishment on the population each time an army soldier is killed.

By Fon Lawrence and Asu Vera Eyere