Amba fighters have killed more Cameroon gov’t troops than previously known 0

Cameroon Intelligence Report has been reliably informed that the Ministry of Defense is secretly upping the Biya regime estimate on the number of Cameroon government soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons who were killed by Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

Military officials in Yaoundé recently opined that Amba fighters in all the divisions in Southern Cameroons were linked to the deaths of hundreds of Cameroon government troops.

That means all Cameroon military combat fatalities in the North West and South West has been attributable to the Ambazonia Interim Government” our source added.

Ever since the separatists launched what they call Big Rubbergun, our command centers assessed that at least 247 army soldier deaths in the North West alone were from improvised explosive devices,” a senior military officer said in an email to the Minister for Defense.

CIR’s Yaoundé city reporter has gained access to the new report which has to be independently assessed. We understand the new assessment will be given to President Biya but will not be reported to the press.

Most of the deaths occurred during Cameroon government military operations in the rural areas in Southern Cameroons.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Rita Akana in Yaoundé