Ambazonia: 3 Restoration Forces killed in Muyuka 0

The Francophone regime in Yaoundé says at least three armed Southern Cameroons fighters were killed and two others arrested Monday morning during a military operation in Muyuka in the Southern zone of West Cameroon.

A spokesperson for the Cameroon government army stated that the Amba Boys were obstructing public transport when government forces on patrol opened fire, killing three on the spot.

The two others surrendered after they were overcome by security forces. They will be handed over to the judiciary authorities to face justice for their crimes,” the officer said.

Fighting is reportedly intensifying in the rural areas of Southern Cameroons despite calls for a ceasefire amid COVID-19 pandemic by the UN.

On Sunday night, Ambazonia Restoration Forces launched coordinated attacks on Bamenda, the chief city in the Northern Zone interrupting electricity supply.

By Fon Lawrence