“Ambazonia can survive without help from the diaspora” Manyu Commander 0

The commander of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces in the Manyu County has defended recent decision to seek financial support from the business community in the constituency, saying the Manyu Ghost Warriors Odeshi will be able to fight and survive as a self defense body without help from the disorganise diaspora.

The commander whose names we are withholding also said in an audio released on Thursday that he would stand by a decision announced late last year by Vice President Dabney Yerima that all Ambazonia Restoration Forces should have a central command.

In the audio message that was aired in the Kenyang language, the commander was heard wondering aloud if the Federal Republic of Ambazonia really needs the corrupt leaders in the USA to survive as a nation. “Do we need … the lies from the US to defend our homeland and protect our people? The Federal Republic of Ambazonia, its leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and its Restoration Forces have all said no we don’t it” the Manyu commander said.

In a passionate appeal to Vice President Yerima and the Ambazonia Security Council (ASC) the commander of the Manyu Warriors noted that “If after 4 years, we still cannot force every business organization in Southern Cameroons to pay their taxes to the Ambazonian treasury, then we have no business being a republic,” the commander opined. “Ambazonians both in Ground Zero and in the diaspora might as well choose. We can be a French Cameroun colony with special status or our Northern and Southern Zones can be provinces administered from West and Littoral regions by the ruling CPDM crime syndicate.”

Senior officials deep within the regime in Yaounde have been murmuring privately that things have deteriorated to a point where regime insiders are scared and there are fears thatsomething terribly bad could happen, especially as the economy has been caught in a downward spiral.

The 87 year old French Cameroun dictator is totally absent while his aides are taking all the wrong decisions. The war in Southern Cameroons has finally highlighted how the leadership of the so-called one and indivisible Cameroon is ineffective and inefficient.

A baron of the regime to who spoke to Cameroon Intelligence Report recently in Yaounde observed that “What is of importance to those at the helm is just the power. They don’t care about the country. It is like their goal is to make money while the rest of the country continues to head to the bottom of the abyss.”

By Chi Prudence Asong with additional editing from Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow