Ambazonia commander says only Southern Cameroonians entitled to make decision on fate of the country 0

A top Ground Zero commander in the Manyu County says only the people of Southern Cameroons are entitled to make a decision about their new country and determine the fate of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Speaking after the recent attack on the Mamfe Gendarmerie post located at Egbekaw towards the Satom Bridge, the commander added that statements made by the French Cameroun head of state in Paris would play a vital role in the struggle in the weeks ahead.

He emphasized that the Ambazonia diaspora in charge of supplying Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces with modern warfare equipment should also focus its work on uniting with other restoration groups under the guidance of the Ambazonia Interim Government.

The commander of the Manyu Ghost Warriors noted that things are slowly but surely returning to normal life in Southern Cameroons due to neglect and failure on the part of the Southern Cameroons diaspora.

Cameroon government forces loyal to the regime in Yaoundé withdrew from their isolated positions at the banks of the Manyu River exposed to Ambazonia Restoration Forces attacks. The troops including elements of the French Cameroun gendarmerie have now regroup in stronger places in Mamfe town after the very deadly attack from the Manyu Ghost Warriors.

By Rita Akana