Ambazonia Crisis: Over 4000 arrested 0

More than 4000 Southern Cameroonians have so far been arrested by troops and security forces loyal to the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime in Yaoundé since French Cameroun declared a war against the English speaking population in West Cameroon.

Biya’s surprise war declaration came after more than a year of anti- French Cameroun government protests and increasing divisions in the once United Republic of Cameroon. The ruling CPDM crime syndicate has for the first time picked a Southern Cameroonian, Paul Atanga Nji, to be its new operations manager overseeing the genocide currently going on in Southern Cameroons.

He was sworn in as Minister of Territorial Administration and has toured the breakaway Federal Republic of Ambazonia with a dubious message calling for “inclusive dialogue”.  Human rights groups have said approximately 4000 Southern Cameroonians have been detained ever since the Anglophone uprising started last year and over a thousand have been killed.

The Francophone dominated army has been killing peaceful civilians including Anglophone security forces still serving in La Republique du Cameroun, setting villages and Southern Cameroons financial institutions ablaze. The French Cameroun army is also involved in the illicit movement of firearms, destroying Southern Cameroons monuments and public institutions (and) blocking roads.

Cameroon under the 85 year-old President Biya spiraled into crisis more than a year ago when the country’s English speaking communities began protesting a diabolic harsh ploy to destroy their Anglo-Saxon heritage.  The regime in Yaoundé responded with force hoping to quell the unrest. The arrests under the latest crackdown have been mainly in the rural areas in the Southern and Northern zones.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai