Ambazonia Crisis: Understanding General Nyambere and Success Nkongho 0

The video of Success Nkongho and Nyambere’s schemes with the terrorist genocidal regime of Paul Biya, should be watched very carefully to gather intelligence, away from emotional rants and reactions. When I watched people like this in action, I put on my clinical forensic professional cap and listen and watch very carefully. For instance, Nyambere is very scared and very uncertain of himself. He might have genuinely joined the fight initially without full assessments. Part of him being where he is today is a reflection of the state of the revolution and the ways in which it is being managed. The noise, the toxicity, the scamming, the blackmail, the hate, the smears, are all making room for some weak minded people to be victims to temptations and to reassess their future when they see hopelessness and uncertainty in and within the revolution.

 As for the man Success Nkongho, he is a seasoned scammer, conman, a fake and a thief. He knows the risks he is taking because he has been down this lane before many times. People like him work on the pleasures of instant gratification. As he is there he knows that he is a target of both Ambazonia and terrorist la republique. He knows la republique is using him and he can even be killed by them once they get all they want from him. He will work very quickly to outsmart them and get as much from them before they get him. As for the dangers of his betrayal to Ambazonia, he has that at the back of his head and eventually he will have a good plan for that if the Ambazonians dont get to him before he is able to work out a good plan. The danger he faces is that his current betrayal is in Plainview for all to see. He may have taken too much for even the blind to see. In the views of C. Achebe, he steals so much so that he has stolen the walking stick of the blind man to make magic to be richer.

One point or information on intelligence Nyambere gave away is the fact that la republique is sending spies into the refugee camps to misinform and recruit or convince our people. That is a very significant piece of information. Unfortunately we have allowed ourselves and our revolution to fall victims to a leadership system where those who say they are leaders can bask in the glories of any inch of inroads or success registered by our brave ones on the ground but do not take any responsibilities for theirs deaths, their increased exposure to risks, their wellbeing and for creating an atmosphere where fighters like Nyambere can even dare to use as excuses to justify doing what he has just done. It is because of the rogue and visionless leadership that we enable to be part of this revolution,  that the revolution is fast becoming a basking ground and comfortable haven for criminals, borderline civilized village champions and adventurers.

By Christmas Ebini