Ambazonia European Council says French government is hindering peace efforts in Southern Cameroons 0

The Ambazonia European Council, a Southern Cameroons movement which recently declared allegiance to the Interim Government says the French administration under President Emmanuel Macron is hindering peace efforts in Southern Cameroons due to its unending support for the 86 year old Paul Biya. The German-based Southern Cameroons think tank also described Paris as an accomplice in the French Cameroun-led military campaign against the people of Southern Cameroons.

Comrade Ndasi Victor Babila, the chairman of the Ambazonia European Council, made the comments on Saturday during a meeting that held in Bochum to seek support for the Amba Bonds Project announced by the Ambazonia Treasury Department.  

He stated that French Cameroun genocidal campaign against Ambazonians will not end until President Macron and the Trump administration take a tougher line and impose some form of travel restriction on President Biya.

Ndasi Victor added that Ambazonia young men and women are fighting in line with right to self-defense, and stressed that President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Vice President Dabney Yerima have both welcomed any dialogue aimed at achieving peace while respecting the territorial integrity of both Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun.

He described as a war crime French Cameroun military’s destruction of more than 200 Ambazonia villages that has eventually created the worst humanitarian crisis ever in the Gulf of Guinea.

Comrade Ndasi also blasted Barrister Agbor Balla observing that the former leader of the Consortium is now acting like an “intellectual gate crasher.”

By Fon Judith in Bochum, Germany