Ambazonia fire power aimed at confronting La Republique, Biya plots 0

A high-ranking Ambazonia Interim Government official says the current fire power of Southern Cameroons restoration fighters is aimed at confronting the French Cameroun occupation and plots by the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé.                

Dr Patrick Ayuk made the remarks on Saturday while addressing a Southern Cameroons forum on the controversy surrounding the back to school issue in Dover in the United Kingdom.

Affirming that Amba guns will never be used against Southern Cameroonians, Dr Patrick Ayuk said, “Southern Cameroons fighters all over Ground Zero are planning and preparing to face the Biya French Cameroun barbarism and oppression and liberate the entire Federal Republic of Ambazonia.”

The Southern Cameroons academic added, “Ambazonia fire power is directed against the enemy and Biya French Cameroun schemes in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.”

The Ambazonia Interim Government official also underlined the importance of holding an international Southern Cameroons dialogue in order to redesign a new platform for the Ambazonia struggle adding that the existence of too many Southern Cameroons groups will not lead to any positive outcome.

By Isong Asu