Ambazonia: Fon of Kom passes away 0

His Royal Highness, Fon Vincent Yuh II, the Fon of Kom, in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has dissappeared. The Fon passed away on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017. The custodian of the Kom tradition known to many as ‘Bikom’ joined his ancestors after a protracted illness at his Liakom Palace, some five kilometres from Fundong, the chief town in the Boyo constituency.

Vincent Yuh II was crowned Fon of Kom on the 17th of September 1994. The late Fon ‘dissappeared’ aged 97. He was regarded as one who enshrined the values of peace and development in the kom kingdom. According to Bochung El Hadj Lawan Bako, a member of the ‘Kwifoyn’ (Kom’s highest secret society),Fon Yuh II who suceeded Fon Yibain was one of most celebrated development icons in the kom fondom.

He was the fourteenth ruler of the land, a trader and onetime village head of Anjin,one of the 43 villages in Kom , before his enthronement in 1994. Going by the tradition, the successor of the throne is the first nephew of the late fon, in this case the eldest son of the Fon’s sister. According to Kom people ‘the sun has stopped shinning in the land’ but they also believe that a Fon does not die but travels.


Source: CRTV