Ambazonia: IG, Restoration Forces to adopt radical changes in approach to French Cameroun army 0

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government Dabney Yerima says the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and Ambazonia Restoration Forces will make some tough changes in approach to the French Cameroun occupying army after Yaounde’s recent massive arrest of innocent Southern Cameroonians in Muyuka.

Recently, we are seeing all kinds of atrocities being committed by criminal gangs and the so-called Atanga Nji Boys in our homeland supported by the Biya French Cameroun child-killing regime, which is regrettable and calls for a firm response” Vice President Yerima said while briefing the cabinet about his decision to address a letter to the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres.

The Ambazonian nation and its people including the Ambazonia Restoration Forces approach towards the French Cameroun occupying army will change drastically in the days ahead following its recent massive deployments in the Fako County and the arrest of hundreds of our young people in Muyuka” the Ambazonia Vice President  noted.

Comrade Dabney Yerima warned that Ambazonia Restoration Forces will no longer tolerate and would hold all Southern Cameroons CPDM elites accountable for the atrocities being committed by the Cameroon government military and the Atanga Nji Boys in Southern Cameroons.

Mindful of the present circumstances that all right-thinking Southern Cameroonians all over the globe have express their hatred towards the Biya French Cameroun regime in Yaoundé, the activities of some Southern Cameroons political elites and traditional rulers who continue to work with the child-killing regime is a cause for great regret that require action” Yerima said.

The Ambazonia Vice President emphasized that it is not acceptable for any Southern Cameroons political elite or traditional ruler to continue to relate with Biya and his French Cameroun regime even after the 87 year old dictator completely rubbished what his own followers agreed during French Cameroun’s Grand National Dialogue.

Dabney Yerima wondered aloud why senior Southern Cameroons political elites could still be passing around as CPDM barons and agents after the French Cameroun regime has displaced, killed and imprisoned thousands of Southern Cameroonians and make it public via French Cameroun state radio and television CRTV and its sister publications including Vision 4 television channel.

By Isong Asu