Ambazonia: IG warns of consequences if Yaoundé role in murder of Mamfe mayor proven 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government says Ambazonia Restoration Forces in the Manyu County have hinted the Manyu Liberation Council that it is still early to make public the French Cameroun connection behind the killing Mayor Ashu Ojong Prisley of the Mamfe Rural Council. The Interim Government statement also noted that there will be consequences if it is proven that the French Cameroun civil administrator and the commander of the French Cameroun army in Manyu have been involved.

The Manyu Liberation Council has been working behind the scenes on this matter and it is too early to make any conclusion regarding the assassination of Mayor Ashu” Secretary Tabenyang Brado informed the Ambazonia war cabinet late yesterday.

The Southern Cameroons Secretary of the Economy noted that “If the Manyu Liberation Council concludes that French Cameroun security apparatus have been involved, they will announce it to the people of Southern Cameroons, and there will be of course unimaginable consequences.”

A fortnight ago, Secretary Tabenyang Brado gave all Manyu French Cameroun surrogates including Chief Tabetando and Minister Victor Mengot a deadline to state their case as regards to the Eshobi incident that led to the killing of the mayor of Mamfe.

On Thursday, Southern Cameroons Vice President assured the cabinet that the Manyu Liberation Council will soon complete its work and will determine and announce at an appropriate time, the French Cameroun agents behind the action that killed Mayor Ashu Prisley.

By Chi Prudence Asong