Ambazonia Interim Government says killing of medics in Southern Cameroons ‘disgrace to Biya and President Macron 0

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia says a recent deadly attack by French Cameroun government forces on the town of Mbengui in the Northern Zone, which massacred two nurses and 14 other innocent civilians, is a disgrace to the Biya Francophone regime and the French government, the main sponsor and arms supplier to French Cameroun.

The Ambazonian Department of Health issued the declaration as hundreds of medics in the Northern Zone came out in their numbers on Wednesday to pay their last respects to their colleagues who were shot at the weekend by soldiers loyal to the regime in Yaounde. Cameroon Concord News Group understands  Nancy Azah and her husband, Njong Paddisco ran two separate clinics in Mbengwi.

Several senior political commentators have criticized the African Union and the United Nations for inaction on the Biya regime’s policy of killing innocent Southern Cameroons citizens. In a broadcast to Ambazonians recently, Communications Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu said, Southern Cameroons interim government does not pin its hopes on the UN or the AU for any effort towards ending the genocidal campaign going on in Southern Cameroons, but rather relies on its own restoration forces and other freedom-seeking people to that end.

Over 2,000 people have been killed and 170 villages burned in English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Violence has escalated in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions in the last 18 months, with reports of French-speaking state forces launching a string of random attacks, kidnappings, and rapes against English-speaking residents and their villages.

After English-speaking residents in the Northwest and Southwest regions protested in October 2016 demanding autonomy because they feel underrepresented in the government, violence in those communities escalated throughout 2017.

Last month, the United Nations expressed concern that the violence against those communities has only “worsened considerably” since 2017 as there have been multiple reports of detention, torture, burning down of homes and excessive use of force by state forces.

Over the past weeks, several European and North American cities have been witnessing Ambazonian protests against the Biya Francophone regime and its French government partners deep within the UN and AU structures. Ambazonian protesters in Canada recently also called on the international community to punish the regime in Yaounde for its crimes against Southern Cameroons civilians.

In a relevant development, the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has summoned all Southern Cameroons resistance groups to Washington DC for a unity meeting.

By Rita Akana in Bamenda