Ambazonia Interim Gov’t lawyers prevented from visiting leaders in Kondengui 0

Interim Government Statement on Lawyers outside Kondengui Principal Prison

Fellow Ambazonians,

The Interim Government of Ambazonia has just been briefed by its legal representatives in Yaoundé that the superintendent of the Yaoundé principal prison has refused them access to their clients- Ambazonian leaders in detention. 

The Interim Government is hereby confirming that our legal representatives are currently camped outside the principal prison. Our lawyers on the scene are Barristers Sihm ,Akuwiyadze Joseph , Ndong Christopher, Pekum Emmanuel , AmungwaTanyi, Ndoki Michelle  and Ayukotang Ndep.

On 15July 2020, our lawyers had taken steps to meet the detention superintendent who accepted their request for a visit to their clients today.  Since 2pm today 17 July 2020, the superintendent’s phones have been conveniently turned off.  Our lawyers have resolved to sleep outside the detention facility if need be. They have reached out to Minister Delegate Momo and La Republique du Cameroun’s head of the legal profession for assistance to no avail.

The Yaoundé regime has increased security outside the detention facility. The Interim Government of Ambazonia has dispatched Barristers Emmanuel Pekum and Ndep Ayukotang to grant interviews to local and international media.

Ambazonia Intelligence Services have intercepted threats and harassments to journalists on the scene from La Republique du Cameroun’s security services.

The Interim Government of Ambazonia is putting the regime in Yaoundé on notice that it is currently monitoring the situation and demands that it makes provisions for our lawyers to visit their clients as soon as practical without any embarrassment. 

We are by this statement alerting the International Community and partners of this disturbing and unacceptable violation of international law and conventions.

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia