Ambazonia Interim Gov’t: Looming Cabinet reshuffle a Sako-Irene Ngwa affair 0

Ambazonia Acting President Samuel Ikome Sako ’s forthcoming Cabinet shakeup has been described as a “CPDM Coup” meant to stifle the Southern Cameroons revolution and prepare him for a takeover from Sisiku Ayuk Tabe by axing those opposed to his failed leadership.

The Southern Cameroons European bloc says that instead of a Cabinet reshuffle, the disgraced Ambazonia leader should just step aside and save the Southern Cameroons resistance and quest for independence.  Southern Cameroons leaders in France, Belgium, Holland, the UK and Germany have unanimously opined that the Sako reshuffle is a joke that isn’t funny.

While prominent Southern Cameroons voices have called for calm observing that for our struggle to succeed, we must be committed to the principle, which is the Southern Cameroons and not individuals. And that much time was needed for the governing IG structures to correct discernible errors based on forensic evidence, Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal that Dr Samuel Ikome Sako is no longer the man to lead us to Buea.

The general opinion is that Sako is simply the biggest stumbling block to the Ambazonia revolution. To be sure, the Ambazonian Interim Government under Sako is pack with lazy, corrupt and incompetent people. It is abundantly clear that Sako’s reshuffle is meant to crush those opposed to him and Irene Ngwa and has nothing to do with the performance but more to do with factional wars in the Interim Government.

This shudder and cockiness is reverberating around the whole nation. Cameroon Concord News Group is trying to make sense of this absurdity. The fact that Sako hasn’t got the decency or respect to consult the pillars of the struggle some of whom are in Kondengui speaks volumes of his intent. This looks like a coup. Come to think of it, it is a coup. He has arrived. He has made himself President by Executive Order.

We now understand that the jailed leaders in Kondengui were reportedly informed of the so-called reshuffle by a third party.  This utter disregard for the institution and structure of government must be condemned in the strongest terms. The question now is if the Restoration Council can have a pair of brass balls to block this madness. If Chairman Kometa and his team don’t block this psychosis, they will be confined to the dustbin of Ambazonia history and every indictment that comes their way will be deserved.

This so-called new cabinet is a Chris Anu-Irene Ngwa affair!! And it is intended to hide the truth that Sako and his gang misappropriated the proceeds of MTTB. He then hired a friend of his to prepare an audit report. No cabinet reshuffle will mend this. The buck stops with the leader. No amount of cover-up will make this go away. Southern Cameroonians have elected to vote with their wallets. The IG as we speak has no finances.  The LGAs are in charge and no competent and rightful thinking County head will authorize payment to this clowns.

In his new cabinet, Acting Interim President is expected to appoint Presidential Security and a Webmaster. IG sources have hinted that Professor Martin Ayim has moved from a nurse to a PhD in Physical Education and has just been made Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Prof Ayim is Sako’s political hit man. After a trip to South Africa last year, Ayim returned and made up a story that Milan Atam had met Issa Tchiroma, he was rewarded with the position of Chief of Staff. After a personal attack on Chris Anu last week, his boss was so impressed with his skills and rewarded him with Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

For failing to raise $100,000 in Berlin for Sako , Dr Elad has been sacked and given an insignificant role in the cabinet. Sako and Chris Anu are strange bed fellows but Chris will carry on as Secretary of Communication. The esteemed Barrister Ndeh has been demoted for failing to find legal grounds to make Sako the Ambazonian Head of State.

Acting Interim President Sako has also appointed members into the Ethics Commission including a General Manager of the Ambazonia National TV station, ABC.  Sako’s new cabinet has more than six Pastors with congregations in several basements in the USA.

Chairman Kometa and the Restoration Council have an easy decision to make. They can be accomplices in this madness or attack the problem. They can stand up for the constitution and institutions of Ambazonia or participate in ripping them apart. One thing is for sure, the people of Ambazonia will hold them collectively accountable. They have to know that the Nuclear Option of an alternative Government is now inevitable and imminent if they fail in their constitutional responsibilities.

By Sesseskou Asu Isong, London Bureau Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group