Ambazonia Interim Gov’t meeting with Ground Zero commanders sent shivers down Yaoundé spine 0

A recent meeting between representatives of the Ambazonia Interim Government(IG) and commanders of Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups in Ground Zero reportedly sent shivers down the French Cameroun regime’s spine, Cameroon Intelligence Report has learned from a well-placed source in the nation’s capital.

Speaking about the secret meeting, an aide to Vice President Dabney Yerima told a South African radio host that the reassuring smiles of the Ground Zero commanders during the meeting was a positive indication that Amba fighters were more than ready to respond decisively to the numerous deployment of Francophone army soldiers to Southern Cameroons.

The meeting that was organized under the direct supervision of the IG’s Department for Strategic Planning revealed the depth of coordination between the Dabney Yerima-led Interim Government and Ground Zero commanders as well as other restoration groups.

Early on Monday, Vice President Dabney Yerima was quoted as saying that all Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups are firmly determined to give a united response to the Biya-Francophone aggressive policies.

The countdown to the collapse of La Republique du Cameroun dominance over Southern Cameroons has begun, and the wish of the great Leader of the Ambazonia nation President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is coming true.

By Chi Prudence Asong