Ambazonia Interim Gov’t reacts to the French Cameroun Appeal Adjournment decision 0

Interim Government Statement On Appeal Adjournment of Leaders in Detention

Fellow Ambazonians,

Today, our leaders in detention were scheduled to make an appearance at the court hall of the Appeal Court of the Centre Region at the administrative centre Yaoundé. It was billed as the first hearing of their substantive appeal.

Our legal representatives have now been informed that the court has adjourned the appeal hearing to Thursday the 16 July 2020.

I wish to use this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to all Ambazonians for their unending prayers and support towards our leaders.

Despite the nonexistence of impartiality in the French Cameroun legal system, our leaders and legal representatives remain cheerful.

Our determination to attain our goal of freedom and independence would not be quenched no matter how long the regime in Yaoundé delays justice for our leaders. Our spirit over the last four years gives me hope. The strength and courage of our leaders in detention should inspire us all.

Despite the genocide and injustice we face, our message to the regime in Yaoundé is; it is Total Independence or Resistance Forever


Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia