Ambazonia: Interim Gov’t update on President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and NERA leaders 0

Fellow Ambazonians,

I bring you revolutionary greetings.
Yesterday, our President, Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and his leadership team in the Yaoundé Principal Detention Centre attended another court session.

The lockdown announced on Monday by our Ground Zero Commanders, our Self-defence Forces and your Interim Government for yesterday was a huge success. In all hamlets, villages, towns and cities of our nation, Ambazonia, the silence and inactivity was deafening and sublime. I am pleased to announce to you that day by day and by your actions, our brave warriors and heroes in Ground Zero continue to make our leaders in detention proud. Special thanks to our self-defence forces for their selflessness in protecting our people from the war declared on us in November 2017 by the genocidal regime in Yaounde.

Yesterday, the Court was attended by our ten leaders in detention and the defence team was led by Barrister Paddy YOUNG bolstered up by a team of more than one hundred lawyers.

Our lawyers raised 3 vital objections:

• Pending appeal at the Supreme Court.

• Language barriers.

• Recused assessors still seating on the bench.

The learned Barrister and his team raised objections about the court’s legitimacy in deliberating and overseeing the legal proceedings against our leaders as stipulated by La Republique’s and international law. This, they argued isn’t consistent with the law as there is an appeal pending at the Supreme Court. They argued that as there was an appeal at the Supreme Court, it should take precedent over the lower courts. The defence team argued that the filed recusal against two assessors hasn’t been resolved because they are still sitting on the bench. This matter needed to be resolved before the case could be heard.

The Magistrate and his team left the court sitting for over three hours whilst they deliberated in the back office and taking instructions from their superiors. Upon return, the Magistrate dismissed the language barrier objection and the issue of pending appeal in the Supreme Court. He then adjourned the case to Tuesday the 23rd of July 2019.
As we continue to go through this shambles of a court hearing, let’s be strong. Let’s pull together as a people. Only unity, unconditional support and determination would give us and our leaders the strength to conquer this enemy, La Republique du Cameroon.

God Bless You
Long Live The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia Short Live The Struggle
Milton Taka