Ambazonia Reboot Conference: The Doubts and the hopes 0

Cameroon Concord News Group is concerned that the reboot conference called for Washington DC may already have been infiltrated by agents of French Cameroun intelligence services. Cameroon Concord News Group has no reason to doubt or call to question the patriotism of some of the organizers or participants in the conference. We of this publication are however concerned about the indiscretion of some of the conference organizers and the apparent insensitivity towards the abduction of our leaders assembled in a Nigerian hotel and the consequences towards their freedom, that all our abductees and the total freedom of our Ambazonia homeland. Whether the indiscretion and insensitivity are intended or not, the potential consequences of such conduct may have untold consequences for the Ambazonia revolution.

For example, no reasonable persons are on record as advertising the convening of a conference open to all and sundry, intended to discuss strategy relating to their country at war.  They will anticipate that the enemy will infiltrate and gather the intelligence required to subvert their war efforts. Hopefully the conveners of the reboot conference are aware of this.

Cameroon Concord News Group does not make value judgment about whether the said conference is intended for best interest of the Ambazonian revolution. Indeed, Cameroon Concord News Group   accuses no one of treachery. Cameroon Concord News Group does not call the patriotism or loyalty to of the conveners to the cause into question.  Although planned before the abduction of our President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia on 5th January 2018, Cameroon Concord News Group is concerned that coming so soon after the said abduction, the timing of the conference may call its legitimacy into question.  Some of the conveners of the conference have been adversely mentioned in the treachery that aided Nigerian and French Cameroons to abduct our leaders in a joint operation supervised by Martin Belinga Eboutou, President Paul Biya’s Director of Cabinet and Babagana Munguno, Buhari’s National Security Adviser.

Cameroon Concord News Group is not suggesting that similar abductions or disappearances of our frontline leaders who convened or are participating in the conference were it to occur, will take place during the conference or on American soil. What is obvious is that some of the participating organizations may already have been infiltrated by La Republique du Cameroun in several ways, known and unknown. This should not be a reason to dispel because the different organizations must have effective and efficient intelligence to confront the enemies on their own terms. Vigilance is however warranted.

Whether these organizations and their leaders are aware of the infiltration is not known; indeed, some of them may not be aware of this fact even when there are clear indicators within their reach. It may not be lost on them that they may consciously or unconsciously allow French Cameroun by proxy into the conference. The intrusion of French Cameroun might have commenced right from the moment of conception, planning and the holding of the conference.

Cameroon Concord News Group is aware that what united the organizers of the reboot conference when the idea was first conceived was their opposition to the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  It was a false premise motivated by the search for power. It was not an honourable premise to seek a united front to prosecute the Ambazonia liberation agenda.  Today the conveners are ideologically, strategically and tactically far apart and a single reboot conference may not bridge the ideological, strategic and tactical gap between them.  What unites them as they attend the conference, is the common desire to mobilize Ambazonians to contribute generously towards the realization of the liberation and defense objectives of each organization. That goal can be better attained by reaching out and working with the Interim Government. Without the interim government on board, the objectives no matter how laudable will not be entirely successful.  If the liberation of the President, members of the Interim Government, all abductees or disappeared Ambazonians held in captivity by French Cameroun is placed on top of the agenda of the conference, it may attain the highly required legitimacy to rally many Ambazonians around the liberation goals which the Interim Government and a majority of Ambazonians stand for.  This regrettably so far seems not to be the prospective focus of the conference. In the result, the conference may come out with resolutions and structures that will not resonate with a majority of Ambazonians.

Again, Cameroon Concord News Group is of the considered opinion that serious and reasonable organizations do not summon conferences with high possibilities of infiltration to discuss strategy about the defense objectives of their countries at war. If they are under the illusion that they can discuss strategic matters of such sensitive nature in the reboot conference with the significant possibility of French Cameroun’s agents in attendance, then they must be mistaken.

The conference will surely lay an elaborate mechanism for Ambazonians to fund the war of liberation through structures which they will put in place. But the unintended consequences of the conference may occur weeks or months after the conference. If care is not taken, these unintended consequences may outweigh the gains obtained at the conference.  The elaborate strategies for the defence of the home land that will be discussed at the conference will almost immediately be betrayed to French Cameroun intelligence operating from its Embassies in Washington DC and in New York.  From then some of our over confident but unsuspecting leaders will be approached by all manner of persons and organizations with promises to assist them realize our defence needs and objectives. An uncritical acceptance of such assistance or endeavour may be very costly.

We learn from Mbah John Akuro who did not attend the meeting in Nigeria when our leaders were abducted that French Cameroun and their corrupt collaborators within the Nigerian Government played on the consistent request of our President and the Interim Government for an inclusive dialogue as opposed to war to resolve the conflict. All-inclusive dialogue which our President and the interim government endorsed, we all know, is the stated position of the United Nations, The African Union, The Commonwealth, The United States of America, Great Britain, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, France and most of international organizations. Our Interim Government endorsed this all-inclusive dialogue option over armed conflict. This position which is favoured by the international community and our interim government has been clearly endorsed by most of our people. This stated position of our interim government was rejected by French Cameroun on the one part and some of our constituent organizations participating in the reboot conference. To the extent that French Cameroun opted for war and indeed declared it; a number of our liberation organizations saw no need to claim an elusive all-inclusive dialogue while our people are systematically slaughtered in their thousands in their ancestral homes by French Cameroun’s terrorist regime.  They opted for self-defense, an option the interim government did not rule out but was slow to adopt. The interim President stated this in his end of year address to Ambazonians and the communication secretary Chris Anu re-emphasized this in his follow-up comments after the President’s widely received and applauded speech.

John Mbah Akuro did not attend the meeting in Abuja Nigeria in which the President and members of the interim government were abducted.  He was not invited but somehow knew that the objective of the meeting was not to discuss assistance to our refugees in Nigeria. According to his recorded and widely publicized audio address to Ambazonians, all and sundry, he said that the alleged conference was convened to commence preliminary discussions on the all-inclusive dialogue proposed by the international community and endorsed by the Interim Government. How he knew about this is not the subject of our enquiry now.

The information is important for two reasons.  Nigeria to whom the Interim Government made several entreaties to act as a mediator and to host the all inclusive dialogue proposed by the international community, upon receiving huge bribes from French Cameroun, abused the confidence placed on the Federal Government by the Interim Government by using the all-inclusive dialogue to lure and entrap the President and members of the interim government to be abducted by a combined force of Nigerian national intelligence operatives and French Cameroun’s special operations operatives. Nigeria provided operatives of French Cameroun’s special operation forces uniforms of Nigerian national intelligence operatives for the special criminal operation.

Our investigators in Abuja serving with Cameroon Intelligence Report have obtained credible intelligence reports from inside the National Security Adviser’s services who participated in the operation. According our intelligence sources whose have opted for anonymity to protect their identities,  Martin Belinga Eboutou bankrolled and oversaw the operations in Nigeria on behalf of  French Cameroun while Babagana Mungano the National Security Adviser to Buhari oversaw the operation on behalf of President Buhari and his Vice President Professor Yemi Osibanjo.  The captives were transported to French Cameroun the same day, after the option to execute them was scuttled by the alarm raised by Millan Atam twenty-four hours after the abduction.  Although Millan Atam who was supposed to participated in the conference failed to participate ostensibly for yet controversial reasons. He has so far not made a statement about the purpose of the meeting.  Cameroon Concord News Group investigators have   obtained information from sources close to the National Security Adviser’s services in Nigeria corroborated by other Nigerian and French Cameroun intelligence services about some details of the criminal operation.  At some point in time, Nigeria gave clear indications, that it could play a mediating role in the conflict, urged on by key international organizations and reached out to French Cameroun to convey its availability in doing so. While some members of the Nigerian diplomatic community were warm about this option and were preparing for it, through the influence of the French mission in Abuja and technical intelligence tending to show strong international support for such an initiative, French Cameroun opted to scuttle the international effort by corrupting the close circle of power around President Buhari, including the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo who influenced Buhari to go ahead and sabotage the mediation option through an abduction.

A plan was therefore conceived and put in place for President Buhari and Vice President Osinbanjo to abuse the faith placed in Nigeria to mediate in African conflicts for pecuniary reasons. The amount of the money offered them was such that they could not resist the humiliating bait at the cost of the honour and dignity of Nigeria whom they represent.   With the evidence of the criminal operation coming out to the public domain, and the possibility of an investigation in Nigeria  and internationally after Buhari leaves office, it is increasingly obvious that Nigeria must do so much hence to be trusted as a credible player in the mediation of African disputes.

Cameroon Concord News Group having corroborated in part, the narrative provided by John Mbah Akuro, is conscious of the fact that John Mbah Akuro is one of the organizers of the reboot conference.  He has publicly stated that he will not be attending the conference because he is fleeing for his dear life and may have left Nigeria. It should concern other organizers and attendees that one of the proponents and organizers of the reboot conference will not be attending due to security challenges that he is facing prospectively from French Cameroun and its Nigerian partners.  He should provide his reboot colleagues with intelligence relating to the forces deployed by the enemy to go after him and the reasons why.

The reason for revisiting the abduction of the President and members of the interim government is to explain to the reboot conference organizers and members of the constituent organizations to be careful of persons or organizations coming to them proposing to help realize their objectives.  If the peace option that was genuinely proposed and pushed by the international community hoping Nigeria will play a mediating role can be manipulated to abduct the President and members of the interim government, the armed option that some have been forced by necessity and self defence needs of our people to embrace, can equally be manipulated to abduct or harm leaders of the organizations that are firmly committed to that option. French Cameroun indeed used the same strategy under different circumstances to drug and abduct Captain Guerandi Mbara with the complicity and treachery of some of his own people he hoped to liberate, and he disappeared ever since.

French Cameroon special intelligence bankrolled and overseen by Martin Belinga aided by the French Cameroons conventional intelligence units under Eko Eko the director general of the external research directorate and husband of the President of the Military Court-martial trying our abductees will send out paid agents from all sorts of organizations to reach out to some of the leaders of the composing organizations who if care is not taken, may end up the way Captain Guerandi Mbara ended.   The defence of our homeland is a task that must be done. Cameroon Concord News Group supports collective efforts towards the realization of that sacred objective. The reboot conference organizers should as a matter of extreme urgency meet with the Acting President and the interim government to discuss better ways of attaining the unity required to mobilize all Ambazonians home and abroad towards the realization of our self-defence objectives and the total freedom of our fatherland. The freedom of our President, members of the interim government, Mancho Bibixy and thousands of our abductees and the total liberation our free Ambazonia homeland must be attained at all costs.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group