Ambazonia Restoration attacks kill 2 in Littoral region 0

At least two people were killed in an attack blamed on Ambazonian Restoration Forces in Douala, the country’s economic metropolis. Cameroon government sources hinted that unidentified gunmen staged an attack late on Sunday in the locality of Mombo, (Littoral) bordering the Southwest region.

Two people were killed in a shooting incident in the night on Sunday in Mombo. The attack was perpetrated by gunmen who came on board motorcycles from the Southwest region “said Samuel Ivaha Diboua, governor of the Littoral region in French Cameroun.

The governor further noted that a massive response from the defense and security forces sent the armed Ambazonia fighters away from the region.

Cameroon Concord News understands this is the second Ambazonian attack inside French Cameroun’s Littoral territory. In July 2018, the gendarmerie post at Penda Mboko, near Mbanga came under attack from Ambazonian fighters.

On the 23rd of December 2018, Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in the Northern Zone of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia attacked villages in the Bangourain district, bordering the northwest. More than 80 houses were burned during this attack.

Since the end of October 2016, at least 347,000 people have fled the violence in Southern Cameroons between defense forces and Ambazonia Restoration Forces. The number of Cameroon government forces killed in the fighting by Southern Cameroons Self-Defense groups remains unknown.

By Sama Ernest in Douala