Ambazonia Restoration Forces won’t allow Biya Beti Ewondo soldiers to perpetrate crimes with impunity 0

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government Dabney Yerima has reacted to the retaliatory attack on a Cameroon government-managed timber exploitation centre in Ossing in Manyu Division, stressing that Ambazonia Restoration Forces will not allow the Biya Francophone regime in French Cameroun to commit crimes with impunity.

Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces won’t permit Francophone army soldiers to commit any crimes without retaliation, whether in the Northern zone or in the Southern Zone. Since the 88-year old Biya of French Cameroun in still in a coma, his kinsmen running the political affairs in La Republique du Cameroun have to understand that Ambazonia Restoration Forces can reach their poorly trained and ill equipped soldiers anywhere in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia,” Vice President Dabney Yerima said in an exclusive interview with Cameroon Concord News Group on Sunday.

Dabney Yerima underlined that French Cameroun and its corrupt political leadership were engaged in a campaign doomed to failure against the people of British Southern Cameroons, describing the Biya Francophone army attacks on Southern Cameroons homeland as well as the continued detention of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his top aides as desperate attempts at stifling the Ambazonia uprising.

Yerima went on to say that the balance of power is tipped in favor of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Ground Zero.

Atanga Nji, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Fame Ndongo must re-calculate their existence or hostilities against Southern Cameroons Restoration Groups, whether in Ground Zero, Ground One or in Western Europe and the USA. All these Ambazonian groups are really willing to counterattack or retaliate against French Cameroun acts of aggression,” Vice President Dabney Yerima noted.

Ambazonia Restoration Forces providing security in the Eyumojock Sub Constituency in Manyu reportedly killed a Cameroon government army soldier deployed to a timber exploitation centre in Ossing village in Manyu Division.

Cameroon Concord News gathered that the soldier was killed early hours of Saturday at the military checkpoint in front of the timber centre habouring trucks. 

A reliable security source told our correspondent that the Amba fighters attacked the location in Ossing with heavy gun fire.

By Isong Asu

London Bureau Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group