Ambazonia: Secretary Tabenyang Brado asks French Cameroun surrogates to accelerate probe into death of Mamfe Mayor 0

Southern Cameroons Secretary of the Economy Hon. Tabenyang Brado has called on two La Republique du Cameroun surrogates, Chief George Tabetando and Minister Victor Mengot to stop the ‘juju” swearing comedy in Manyu and clarify the cause of death of the mayor of Mamfe, Ashu Prisley Ojong.

The Ambazonia Interim Government said in a statement that Secretary Brado Tabenyang will hand over an official note via the French Cameroun embassy in Washington demanding immediate action by the two so-called La Republique leaders in the Manyu County to announce to the people of Southern Cameroons the cause of death of the Mamfe mayor.

According to information Vice President Dabney Yerima received from Ambazonia intelligence services in Manyu, late mayor Ashu Ojong was killed inside a French Cameroun army vehicle accompanied by two Cameroon government army soldiers.

The circumstances around his death are still being hidden by the French Cameroun civil administrator in Manyu but reports from people in the know indicates that Ashu Prisley apparently wanted to be the traditional ruler of Eshobi village in order to enhance his political image and this prompted a ruling CPDM diabolic harsh ploy that took away his life.

During last week’s Interim Government cabinet meeting, Secretary Tabenyang Brado stressed that it was Yaounde’s full responsibility in ensuring the safety of the mayor, who had been under French Cameroun’s pay roll and surveillance.

Comrade Tabenyang Brado is also expected to drive home the importance of this case for Ambazonia public opinion and insist on the need to reveal the cause of death.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow with additional reporting from Chi Prudence Asong in London