Ambazonia Self-Defence Council: Nso Foncha elected Spokesperson 0

Chairperson of the Ambazonia Self-Defence Council (ASC) today announced the appointment of Mr. Nso Foncha as new Spokesperson of the ASC Council. Mr. Foncha will provide a public voice for the Council by ensuring that public announcements are made in the most appropriate fashion and through the most appropriate channels. Within that role, Mr. Foncha will conduct most correspondences with media outlets, such as TV, newspapers, and radio stations. Mr. Foncha will also communicate with the members of the public who have questions about the Council and ongoing self-defence activities throughout Ambazonia. The spokesperson will brief regularly the people of Ambazonia at home and abroad on self-defence developments. The spokesperson will serve as the only official source of information regarding self-defence to the African Union, United Nations, governments and international organizations. For all self-defence related inquiries, email ASC Spokesperson Mr. Nso Foncha at

The Ambazonia Self-Defence Council brings together more than 95% of scores of self-defence groups across Ambazonia territory that are dedicated to defend Ambazonia people, their property and interests against all threats. While the Interim Government pursues diplomacy, the Council promotes the inherent right of individual and collective self-defence against ongoing armed attacks on the people and within the territory of Ambazonia perpetuated by armed soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun and mercenaries from République du Tchad ordered by President Paul Biya. However, the ASC Council does not assume responsibility for the actions of any self-defence group that violate international conventions and human rights laws.

The Council seeks to ensure that established and rapidly rising new self-defence groups by unemployed, frustrated and angry youths across Ambazonia exercise self-defence activities in a professional manner and consistent with international law and practices until the conclusion of a UN-backed negotiated solution to fully implement April 1961 UN General Assembly Resolution 1608(XV) on the Southern Cameroons right to sovereignty