Ambazonia: The Biya offensive has achieved neither of its goals despite the spending of billions of FCFA 0

It has been revealed that the military operations currently going on in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia could become Africa’s worst humanitarian disaster in half a century as more than 40,000 Southern Cameroonians are now grappling with deadly typhoid, malaria and Hepatitis B outbreaks amid a devastating French Cameroun war.

“The situation in Southern Cameroons particularly in places like Ossing, Ekok and Ikom in Nigeria is deteriorating at catastrophic rapidity. The Bishop of the Mamfe Diocese, His Lordship Bishop Andrew Nkea said “Christians and parish priest in Kembong were calling me about the difficult situation they were facing. They reported to me about the shootings, killings and burning of houses that was going on there.”

“The situation I found as of December 21 was very delicate and disturbing. Kembong is actually the largest village in Central Ejagam with a population of about 5.000 people. It is a place that is normally booming with life, but when I went there all the streets were empty and it was virtually a ghost village and looking like a place after a war” added Bishop Nkea.

Our chief intelligence officer who fled to Calabar a day before Cameroon government troops attacked Kembong and Dadi noted that the consequence of the military operations in Manyu is probably the worst West Africa has witnessed ever since the Liberian civil war.

The International Crisis Group reported that the security situation in Southern Cameroons deteriorated considerably in December. In Manyu Division, the International Crisis Group stated that security forces continue to inflict violence on Southern Cameroons civilians.

“Armed forces reportedly killed or arrested and beat several civilians and burned dozens of houses in Kembong and Babong in Manyu Division on the 20th and 23rd of December. Residents of both villages fled to Nigeria.”

10,000 Cameroonian refugees arrived in Nigeria’s Benue State in December, added to another 28,000 in Cross River State and medics in Nigeria have expressed concern over a terrible new epidemic which they say is going to spread like wildfire across the Southern Cameroons refugees’ population.

A senior aide to the Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that unless the Buhari administration decides to put pressure on the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé and the Southern Cameroons Diaspora agrees to provide the necessary financial and material support; Ambazonia is going to have the worst humanitarian disaster in West Africa.

Typhoid has been killing one in 10 Southern Cameroonians who fled the Akwaya Sub Division into Nigeria since the Anglophone crisis started more than a year ago.  The one and a half  year war by the Francophone dominated army on Ambazonia has virtually ruined Southern Cameroon’s economy, health and educational systems.

The Biya regime has been leading a deadly campaign against British Southern Cameroonians from the air, land, and water ways in an attempt to maintain French Cameroun dominance of the territory.

The Biya offensive has, however, achieved neither of its goals despite the spending of billions of FCFA. The war, which has so far killed at least 1000 Southern Cameroonians, has also taken a heavy toll on the Southern Cameroon’s infrastructure and destroying many schools.

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