Ambazonia Vice President Condemns Women and Child Abuse 0

I come to you with revolutionary greetings from our President Sisiku AyukTabe and the Collective Leadership in illegal detention by the colonial LRC in Yaoundé.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 17th of July 2019, there was an inexcusable video showing armed thugs publicly whipping two women and a child and recording their despicable act. Our sources in Ground Zero have now confirmed that the scene of the atrocity was Bali, in the Northern Zone.

Words can’t describe the revulsion and indignity I felt upon watching the video. The Interim Government condemns in the strongest terms any acts of senseless violence especially against women and children in Ambazonia. It’s unacceptable and inexcusable. As a government, we condemn all human rights abuses in our country. I have ordered an immediate investigation into this deplorable incident. Under no circumstance should anyone living within our territory be subjected to such barbarism.

Our fight for self-determination must see us respect international law at all times. Self-defence forces have been constantly reminded of their responsibilities under the Geneva Convention of 1949. Any self-defence group operating within Ambazonia is expected to adhere to very high standards when dealing with civilian population and enemy captives.

Over the last three months, our intelligence and security experts have confirmed that rogue elements and gangs funded by Atanga Nji have been operating militias in Ambazonia. Their intention is to perpetrate abuses so they can blackmail our restoration forces. As a responsible government, we have repeatedly called on an International Fact Finding Mission to Ambazonia. We are confident that such a visit will make public the culprits of such abuses.

Everyone living in Ambazonia has the fundamental right to feel safe. The freedom we seek is for all not the few. Our quest for freedom is legitimate and our success is assured but we must approach this quest with integrity and poise.

Short Live the Struggle Long Live The Federal Republic of Ambazonia God Bless you All

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

– Federal Republic of Ambazonia